Home Organizing Tips

Home Organizing Tips

Here are some tasks that you can accomplish in the time it takes to brew your morning tea or coffee:

  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Clean out a shelf or drawer in the refrigerator
  • Sweep the kitchen floor
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Go through your coupon holder/drawer and weed out expired ones
  • Straighten up your junk drawer
  • Clean out a shelf in the pantry
  • Write out your grocery list, or “to do” list
  • Return a phone call/make an appointment
  • Read the front page of the newspaper and then recycle it
  • Take out the trash
  • Refill salt/pepper/olive oil containers
  • Call to cancel an unsolicited catalog (See the "How to Handle Junk Mail" video below.

Tips for Moving

• Mark boxes for which room they are going to, not where they came from – try color-coding.

• Mark boxes of items that will be used immediately in the new house. Make sure they are loaded last on the truck and unloaded first.

• Reduce children's anxiety by ensuring their new rooms are set up quickly and as similar to their old rooms as possible.

• Give each family member a "personal box" to keep track of items important to them during the move.

• Keep all important paperwork with you during the move.

Listen to Gwynnae give tips to Paula Poundstone on how to be more efficient:
Paula Masters Space and Time, starting at 35:00:
(Note: Paula's podcast does contain a few curse words.)

Basic Tips to Get You Started

I recently shared organizing tips with Capitol Morning Report:

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Moving Preparations 1

Moving Preparations 2

Kitchen Drawer

How To Handle Junk Mail

Another pair of shoes
Choose a pair to throw/give away

A kitchen gadget or holiday decoration that will be used once a year
Know where you’re going to store it for the rest of the year

A workout machine
Know where you’re going to keep it when not in use

A souvenir from your latest travels
Are willing to dust around it for the next 20 years

Another book
Donate 5 you’ve already read to the library

A bunch of containers, in anticipation of someday getting organized
Know what size and how many containers you’ll need

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