The Collector

collector1Do you absolutely LOVE cats? Hallmark ornaments? Precious Moments figurines? Baseball caps? Fishing rods? Disney memorabilia?

Did you happen to mention once that you thought frog figurines were cute and now everyone buys you a frog figurine for your birthday?

Whatever your passion, is it taking over your house and now you don’t know how to control it?

I will:

  • Assess your collections and ask you the hard questions
  • Help you sort and purge (but won’t get rid of anything without your permission)
  • Help you get relief from the “shoulds” about why you’re holding on to things
  • Make suggestions on how to reduce the number of items that come into your home
  • Set up a system to appropriately display those items that have special meaning or value
  • Help you regain control of your space so it can be used for its intended purpose

Home Transitions – Kitchen Drawer