The Caretaker

Do you have an elderly parent in the Sacramento area who needs to move to another type of housing - either a smaller place or a group setting?

Allow me to serve as your surrogate to ensure that your parent will transition into his or her new home with a minimal amount of stress.

I will:

  • Listen to his or her concerns about moving
  • Develop a plan to lessen those concerns
  • Handle the details of the move - from sorting and packing to unpacking and organizing items in the new location
  • Establish a place for all his/her important legal, financial, and medical documents
  • Ensure that your loved one feels comfortable and secure in his or her new home

To get more detailed information about my services to support seniors and caretakers, download my brochure (available in PDF format).

To learn about additional resources to support your loved one, click here.

"Today is the two month anniversary of my big move... I’m so happy here, and want to say a big THANK YOU for all you did to get me here. Friends here have inquired: “How did you do it?” and I say “look for Home Transitions – they have great people who can get you where you need to go!!"
—Mary Jane T.