Creative Storage Ideas

… I consider myself to be a Type-A, highly organized person, and with two children + being in a *tight* house with very little storage, everything was out of control. What I needed was a clone of myself – intense attention to detail, highly organized, but also somebody who could help me think outside the box and work with me side-by-side to help me regain the organization I so desperately needed. Gwynnae at Home Transitions was EXACTLY all those things.

Gwynnae worked hard with me, asking me hard questions to help me de-clutter, giving me creative (and neat and tidy and EASY) storage ideas, and she even helped me problem solve how to live without my office (gasp!) so my 4-month-old baby girl could have a room of her own (and so could her parents!). She even hauled all my (tons of) donation piles to great charities for me and sent me the receipts for my taxes. And I learned a lot of skills from her that I continue to use to make additional progress (or when my husband says he wants to keep something we haven’t seen in 7 years)… 5 stars (I’d give her 10 if I could), A+…Use Home Transitions. You will not be sorry!