The Mover

mover1Let me alleviate the stress of moving by helping you:

  • Purge and sort what you have
  • Make decisions about what should stay and what should go - you don’t want to pay a moving company to move things you won’t need when you get to your new place
  • Get through the details of the move with ease - provide checklists of things to do and services that may be useful
  • Set up systems to make it easier to set up your new home and to find things once you arrive

Are you moving into a new phase of life that calls for a more streamlined style of living?

I can help you get comfortable in your new setting by assisting you to let go of the past while holding onto those things that are most valuable to you as you establish a new home.

I will:

  • Help you sort and purge items (and will take stuff away, if you like)
  • Establish an appropriate place for those items that you choose to keep
  • Help you honor your memories while you start a new beginning
  • Develop a plan to maintain your newly-organized space

If you are about to combine households, congratulations!

  • I can help you evaluate what items to keep and which ones to donate/toss (and will take it away, if you like)
  • We can set up a system to organize the items that will remain in your home so that they are accessible and useable
  • The result will be improved comfort, utility, and style of your surroundings, which leads to happier co-habitation!

Home Transitions – Moving Preparations 1

Home Transitions – Moving Preparations 2