The Harried Parent

harriedUntil you had kids, you maintained an orderly house and life - everything had its place and you had control over your time and space. Now you want to recapture that feeling of control but don’t know how to do it.

I will:

  • Create some “kid-friendly” spaces and some “adult-friendly” spaces
  • Help you decide what you really need to keep and what can be donated, tossed or sold (and take it away for you, if you like)
  • Provide tips on how to decrease the amount of stuff that comes into your house
  • Set up systems that work for you and for your kids to help maintain a less cluttered home
  • Help you regain control over your space, your time, and your life

Click Here for tips for the harried parent.

“I would never have gotten motivated to go through my closet if I hadn’t made an appointment with Gwynnae. We accomplished so much in just 3 hours – it was a huge weight lifted from me when she drove away with a full carload of items to be donated to a reputable charity. She later sent me a receipt from the charity for my taxes. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to having her come back again!”
—Elizabeth Gress, stay-at-home mom

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